Has the Reviewer Really Read the Book?

I encountered a new situation recently. In publishing my first novel, I have reached out to many reviewers, many of whom have their own sites where they highlight their reviews. All of the reviews have been specific relative to characters, likes and dislikes as well as expressing interest in the next book in the series. One review stood out from the rest in that it was extremely vague and short, and it rated the book a 4 stars, which was less than the average of 4.7 out of 5 at the time. I first asked the reviewer, who we can refer to as Tracey, to simply provide me her favorite part of the story. Her response was that she couldn’t remember everything she read. I then asked for her favorite character. She named a very minor character that was mentioned in the first few pages only. What would you do?

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Available in Spanish!

Available in Spanish! Jack Landis, un condecorado miembro de las fuerzas de operaciones especiales de la Marina de los Estados Unidos, renuncia a su jubilación para unirse a una misión especial encubierta de la CIA y se encuentra atrapado en medio del abuso de poder de North. Debe confiar en su entrenamiento, experiencia e instintos para salvar a un buen amigo, a su amante y frustrar un Armagedón.



Deceit, misdirection and murder reverberate in this contemporary mystery novel that includes characters from the White House, CIA and Jihad community.

Author Mitchell R. Stevens has woven current geo-political events into this sophisticated plot prompting the reader to ask, could this really happen?  Deliberate Deceit (eBook $3.99/Paperback $11.99; Indie Publisher;  March 2014) is the first book in the Deceit series wherein character Jack Landis, a decorated Navy Seal, comes out of retirement to find himself caught in a web of deceit racing against time to save a friend, his lover and civilization.

The story begins with the demise of Osama bin Laden as has never been told and proceeds to uncover a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top.   The novel provides insight into national intelligence agencies, middle-eastern cultures, cyber-jihad, Russian politics and economics, nuclear weaponry and behavioral dysfunctions.   This 400 page, 130,000 word fiction novel takes place between May, 2011 and July, 2011.   The Spanish language edition will be available in April, 2014.

Author Stevens offers, “I initially became addicted to the action-thriller genre when reading Robert Ludlum; I couldn’t put his books down.   The contemporary authors in this genre today are superb and serve as a motivating force.”

Mitchell R. Stevens has enjoyed an eclectic career including leadership roles in finance, marketing, sales and business ownership spanning multiple industries.  He has also started and managed a successful small business.   He enjoys global adventure. His travels have included hiking the Appalachian Trail, attending an Italian festival in the Bavarian town of Gramado, Brazil, zip lining in Costa Rica and snorkeling Molokini Crater near Maui.



Welcome! Visit a world of intrigue and espionage created by aspiring new author Mitchell R. Stevens in his book Deliberate Deceit.  If you enjoy crime thrillers, give this book a try.  You won’t be disappointed!