I recently attended my first writers’ conference that included the opportunity to ‘pitch’ agents for a modest fee. ‘Pitching’ is a common activity when want-to-be authors have the opportunity to network with agents. Having been in sales for the majority of my career, I looked forward to my first pitch. I had four during the course of the conference.IMG_3528
Each pitch was to be no more than ten minutes. I found the experience very educational and supportive. The agents were very gracious with their comments and suggestions. I learned I committed possibly the biggest faux paus when attempting to secure a relationship with an agent.  I self published my book, did not market it or sell many copies and attempted to get them interested in it. Dah! Lesson learned. Nonetheless, several expressed interest in the next book in the series and encouraged me to continue to write.
I would highly recommend the pitching experience to anyone wanting to have their work published. It is one rung on the ladder of learning experience.

March is Reading Month!

Reading, which could only occur if there were writing, is believed to have begun in 3200 BC.  There is debate as to whether it started in China, Mesopotamia or Mexico, but thank goodness it did. Reading enables and fulfills us in so many ways when considering IMG_3500instruction, information and enjoyment. The platforms that have been created to support and share writing range from cave walls and scrolls to the internet and tablets. Can you imagine a civilized world without the written word? Without books, emails, texts, newspapers (well, that medium may be all but extinct), love notes, detention notices, parking tickets, billboards, doctor’s reports, assembly instructions, etc., our world would be something less than civilized.


So, the next time you are reading something, which more times than not is benefiting you, be thankful and celebrate – March is reading month!